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Why Obscura?

We Solve Problems.
There you have it… our elevator speech in just three words. Sure, we could go on about our expertise and experience. But what you really want to know is how we can help you achieve your marketing objectives. So here’s what we do. We listen. We ask a lot of questions. We share ideas. And then we create strategic marketing programs and creative solutions that deliver results.


Our Services

Outstanding creative and account service, combined with our ongoing focus on measurable success has enabled us to become a trusted resource to Chicagoland companies big and small alike. 

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What's Our Story?

Where is it written that brilliant ideas only come from big places? That's right, nowhere, and we know it. At Obscura, we know that really great thinking can happen anywhere people have brains to think with.

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Monthly Dispatches

We continually develop and share helpful, informative content that can be both fun and educational for all types of business readers. 

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Our Creative Studio

Our full service studio is easily accessible to anyone in the Chicagoland area. We're located in Schaumburg, Illinois, adjacent to Woodfield Mall.


By keeping staff & associated overhead low, Obscura operates in a nimble fashion that allows for taking on a vast array of assignments. Each engagement is analyzed for the “challenge” and “solution”, and then the optimal team is assembled.

— Curtis Newborn, Founder & CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER


Sharing Our Experiences.

Catch the latest content from our marketing team, refreshed on an irregular regular basis.